5 Things I Miss About America

1. Everyone speaking English.

I know you are probably saying, “But if you miss the English-speaking people in America, why don’t you just speak to the Argentines in English? Don’t worry about other people’s feelings!” However, this is not as easy as it sounds. When I try to speak to someone who does not know how to speak English, they just stare at me blankly. As embarrassing as this is, I am still tempted to speak with the person in my own language. After all, if I have trouble expressing myself in a different language, how can they?

2. Public transportation

Although public transportation is not available everywhere in America due to various reasons (lack of space, lack of funding, etc.), it is still very much appreciated. The subway systems in New York City and Washington D.C., for example, are truly wonderful. They allow people to easily get around without having to worry about traffic or gas prices.

3. Being able to watch American television programs whenever I want

I am not complaining about the American shows that are available on television in Argentina. However, when I want to watch a new episode of my favorite show, I have to go online and search for it. This is because not many tv channels air American television programs since they cost money to rebroadcast them.

4. The fact that there are no nuclear weapons in Argentina

This may seem weird, but yes, I do miss the fact that there are no nuclear weapons in Argentina. There are many reasons for this. I feel safer when knowing that there is no chance of a nuclear attack happening. However, it also allows me to know what life would be like without them and how different it would be if countries all over the world disarmed themselves.

5. The American flag reminds me of the varied and colorful history behind the stars and stripes.

This is a simple reason, but it represents America very well. Just seeing this piece of cloth makes me feel reassured that although I am an continent away from my home country, at least there is something that keeps me connected to home.



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