All You Need to Know about Rio Carnival 2023

The schools compete for points and the title of champion

Every school has a large number of enthusiastic students, from the local community to celebrities around the world. This spectacle is an eye-opener for all senses thanks to its dazzling costumes, catchy floats, and traditional samba rhythms. The Winner’s Parade is where the champion schools perform with all their music and costumes. This event is a special one that has all the excitement of carnival parades, but in a more relaxed setting. This event is also much more affordable than the main carnival, making it an attractive alternative for tourists. There are also extravagant carnival balls outside of the Sambadrome at many venues including Scala Rio Nightclub and Copacabana Palace. You can also make your way to one of the many street parties that are free. Here, drinking, dancing, and learning about the local culture are the order of each evening.

How to see the Rio Carnival 2023

Tickets to the Sambadrome are required if you want to be able to see the samba schools in action. They come in a variety of prices, with Grandstand tickets the most expensive in the uncovered grandstands. Sector 9’s tourist section offers assigned seating, but it is made of concrete. You can choose the Back Stalls seating at the back of the uncovered grandstands if you’re looking for a higher level. You can enjoy concrete flooring, but plastic seats are not available in the tourist industry. You can opt for the Frisas to provide more privacy. These boxes allow you to be closer to the action of samba. If you want to go all out, tickets can be purchased for Camarotes. These are private covered boxes that can hold up to 30 people.

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