Brazilian Visa Pathways for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Skilled Migrants

By Gabriella Lessa, Senior Immigration Lawyer in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro attracts investors and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Maintaining her Latin American pulse, this seaside urban city is well-connected and tempting to call home.

Since 2017, investor and entrepreneur visas are regarded as one type of visa or residence permit, which falls within the scope of Brazilian Immigration Regulations (NR №13/17). The prior residence authorisation for the issuance of the temporary visa and residence permit can be granted to foreign nationals who want to come to Brazil to invest their own foreign capital in Brazil in productive activities or start-up companies.

Foreign nationals seeking to immigration to Brazil will need to prove an investment of a minimum amount of the equivalent, in foreign currency, of 500,000 reais (~$90,000 USD as of today).

In special situations, if the investment is lower than the equivalent of 500,000 reais but not less than 150,000 reais, CGIL may render a decision granting the advance residence authorisation or residence permit to foreign nationals who can prove the social relevance of the projects concerned.

In the case of start-ups, the required capital is only the equivalent of 150,000 reais to 500,000 reais. (~$27,000 — $90,000 USD).

The residence authorisation or permit will issued for an indefinite term. Note that the identity card issued to the immigrant by the Federal Police will be valid for nine years and will then have to be renewed. However, to maintain that authorisation, the individual is required to present evidence that he or she remains a foreign investor, that the business plan was complied with, and that the project generated the job positions for Brazilians that were indicated in the original process.

In Brazil, Migration Law provides that skilled migrants can apply directly for a temporary visa or a residence permit even if without a Brazilian sponsor. However, this provision has still to be regulated to be implemented by the Brazilian immigration authorities.

Gabriela Lessa is a senior lawyer in the firm’s Rio de Janeiro office. She focuses her practice in the areas of corporate immigration and intellectual property (IP). She advises in-house counsel as well as human resources professionals on all aspects of Brazilian, global immigration law and IP-related matters.

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