Dear Sophie: How can I get an H-1B Without the Lottery?

  • Universities
  • Nonprofit organizations affiliated with universities
  • Nonprofit research institutions
  • Government research institutions

Cap-exempt and concurrent H-1Bs

Open Avenues Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has developed partnerships with several universities throughout the United States. As such, Open Avenues Foundation is a cap-exempt employer.

Triple win

The Global Talent Fellowship program offers a triple win: International professionals get an H-1B visa to live and work in the U.S., mentor students, and build up their qualifications to meet green card requirements or other visa requirements. University students gain a mentor and real-world, project-based experience that prepares them for future careers. The normally cap-subject employer can fill its H-1B position while avoiding the randomness of the H-1B lottery — and has a pipeline to other highly motivated prospective employees in the students being mentored.

Do you want to learn more about immigration to the U.S.?

Read on to find out how to get an E-2 investor visa for the United States as one more pathway for working and living in the U.S. We’ve also prepared an article to help you learn about the L-1 visa pathway for the U.S.



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