Dear Sophie: How Can US tech companies support Ukrainians with Immigration?

Dear Magnanimous,

The practice of immigration is subject to the ever-changing tides of geopolitical changes, and now, the battles in Ukraine. Ultimately, immigration is all about the human journey to freedom: We transcend border walls, the circumstances of our births, and current conditions (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) to cross through liminal spaces on our journeys to the birthright of actualizing our human potential.

10-step checklist for U.S. tech companies to support Ukrainians with immigration

Make a list of all of your team members who are Ukrainian citizens.

Indicate their last known location; whether they have any other citizenships; whether they have a visa to the United States and, if so, what category it is in; whether you are aware of any family members; whether they were employees or contractors, and any other notes.

Help with travel arrangements.

If any of these individuals who are outside the United States currently have valid visas that allow them to enter the United States in any status, support them with travel arrangements to come to the United States.

Support qualifying folks with ESTA applications.

If any of these individuals have dual citizenship in a country that allows for ESTA, the U.S. Visa waiver program, support them in applying for this electronic travel authorization to come to the United States.

Consider intercompany and investor visa options.

If you have any subsidiaries in Ukraine, consult with an immigration attorney immediately about L-1 visas; use a blanket petition if possible. Be sure to use premium processing.



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