Digital Nomads and Babies: What Nationality Will my Child Have?

How does this work in Spain?

Spain follows the right of blood or “Ius Sanguinis”. Individuals born in Spain typically acquire their parents’ nationality.

  • Born to a Spanish father or mother.
  • Born in Spain to foreign parents but one parent had also been born in Spain. This doesn’t apply to children of diplomatic or consular officials.
  • Born in Spain to foreign parents however neither nationality nor their country of nationality allows nationality for those born abroad.
  • Born in Spain and the parentage cannot be determined.

Will my child or children ever become Spanish?

Children born in Spain are granted the same nationality as their parents. Because of this, you must request nationality from either one of the parents’ countries if your child is born there.

This sounds great! Can we go and have a family now?

It is crucial to be aware of the nationality laws of the other countries involved. For example, Saudi Arabia does not allow children born outside of the country to become citizens. Spain, on the other hand, will grant the child with Spanish citizenship if this situation occurs.

Do you seek more information about life as a Digital Nomad?

We’re prepared an article for you that will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a Digital Nomad, including how to obtain a visa and possible destinations! We also compiled a list of important aspects regarding insurance and health care for Digital Nomads.



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