Employment Visa in Ukraine

Exceptions for a Work Permit

No work permit is required for the following categories of foreign employees:

  • permanent residence permit holders;
  • holders of the refugee status;
  • holders of the immigration permit;
  • asylum seekers or who got extra protection in Ukraine;
  • personnel of foreign airlines, sea or river fleet who serve such companies in Ukraine;
  • personnel of foreign mass media that got accreditation in Ukraine;
  • professional sportsmen and artists;
  • personnel of search and rescue services for performance of emergency missions;
  • personnel of foreign representative offices registered in Ukraine;
  • church personnel approved by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;
  • participants of international technical aid projects;
  • teachers and scientists invited by Ukrainian high and pre-high education facilities;
  • other foreigners in accordance with certain international treaties and special laws.

Documents Needed for a Work Permit

It must be stressed that a work permit is obtained by the employer and not by the employee. Thus, dealing with work permit formalities is the employers responsibility. However, the employee will need to help his/her employer by providing them with the correct documentation.

  1. application under the established form;
  2. notarized copy of the foreigner’s translated and notarized passport;
  3. foreigner’s color photo (3.5 x 4.5 centimeters);
  4. copy of the labor contract template to be concluded between the foreigner and the employer, certified by the employer.

How Long Does A Work Permit Take and How Much Does it Cost?

The period of time a work permit is issued for is based on the category of employment, for some cases it is 1 year and for the rest it is usually 3 years. However, you can renew a work permit as many times as needed.

Understand More About Getting an Employment Visa in Ukraine, Obtaining Residency and Other Immigration Matters

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