End of Automatic Immigration Permission Extensions in Ireland

End of automatic immigration permission extension

Since March 2020, the Minister for Justice has automatically extended immigration permissions in Ireland on nine occasions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The extensions were hugely beneficial to persons during a time of worldwide turmoil and ensured that people remained lawfully in Ireland when they could not renew their immigration permissions due to registration office closures, Department of Justice backlogs, or where they could not travel to their home countries due to the closure of airports and country borders. The announcement this week confirming that the Minister for Justice will not renew the automatic extensions beyond the 31st of May 2022 is both disappointing and extremely concerning, leaving many non-EEA nationals in a state of limbo regarding their immigration permissions.

What does this change mean for employers and their employees?

The Department of Justice in their announcement, which can be read here, state as follows:

How does this change affect those seeking citizenship in Ireland?

Another issue is that the termination of the automatic extensions will be problematic when calculating reckonable residence for Irish citizenship applications for persons awaiting permission to remain/IRP card renewals as there will now be a gap in reckonable residence in many cases. We have been contacted by a number of clients this week who are extremely concerned about this position.

Receive further information regarding immigration and visa matters in Ireland

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