French (citizen) Immigration Lawyer Living as a Digital Nomad in Mexico

Journey to Becoming an Immigration Lawyer

I was born in France but went through the process of what used to be called Republican Identity Document for Foreign Minor born in France (“titre d’identité républicain” (TIR) d’un mineur étranger né en France) and even obtained French citizenship when I turned 15 years old because my parents were not French citizens. I will describe this specific procedure in a separate article on how to become a French citizen.

Digital Nomad in Mexico

Then when applying for my Mexican visa, I got familiar with the Mexican immigration system. At first, the Mexican Consulate in Paris, France almost denied my visa application because I did not hold a passport in good condition. If you are interested in moving to Mexico, please make sure you look at the requirements of the Mexican Consulate of the country where you will apply for your visa, it is very important to meet all the requirements! I had just one week to obtain my passport renewed, my visa stamp and go to Mexico. And I made it! But three weeks later the Covid pandemic hit and the rest of my immigration process on obtaining a temporary resident card took longer than expected.

Colonia Roma street, said to be the Williamsburg of Mexico City

Advantages of Living Abroad

My passion and curiosity for immigration matters keep growing. Working and living abroad definitely opened my mind to understanding different cultures, and developing my capacity to communicate in several languages (French, English and Spanish).

Learn More About Living as a Digital Nomad in Mexico and More

Alicia Marie Salhi is a French citizen and cross border Immigration Lawyer. Admitted to the Paris Bar, though her immigration law experience widely covers the U.S. and Mexico.



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