How to be a Digital Nomad in Brazil

What is the Digital Nomad visa for Brazil?

The Brazilian General Labor Coordination of Immigration, of the Ministry of Security and Justice, Brazil, has just this January 24, 2022, issued Normative Resolution №45, of September 9th, 2021 that regulates the issuance of resident permit and temporary visas for foreigners, without employment agreement, for activities that may be carried out remotely, known as digital nomads.

What benefits are there?

There are many benefits, however, one that must be pointed out is that due to the devaluation of the Brazilian currency it may be possible for digital nomads to live in a very laid back, beautiful and international country that has a very receptive population and who adores and welcomes foreigners from all parts of the globe.

How long can I live in Brazil on a Digital Nomad Visa?

The initial period of residence of the immigrant holder of the temporary visa will be up to one year and may be renewed for an additional one year.

How can I apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Brazil?

It is possible to apply for the Temporary Visa XIV (VITEM XIV) without employment contract in Brazil directly at a Brazilian Consulate overseas.

  • Complete the Application Form — Click here to open (Complete the Form and a receipt is generated. The receipt must be printed and signed by the applicant. The original documentation must be uploaded on e-consular system)
  • Photo will be required, please check the Consulate website for for photo specifications
  • Round trip-ticket — Present a hard copy of the round-trip-ticket or e-ticket bearing applicant’s name; or a signed letter from the airline or travel agent, on their letterhead, with the itinerary, name(s) of the passenger(s), flight number or cruise information, and dates of arrival and departure from Brazil.
  • Valid Passport — Original passport signed by applicant, with at least two contiguous blank pages left.
  • Background check FBI Background Check issued within 90 days.
  • Employment or service contract — Document must be signed by a foreign employer/service contractor.
  • Proof of income, from a foreign paying source, in a monthly amount equal to or greater to US$ 1.500 or Bank statements as proof of funds in the amount of US$ 18.000
  • Health insurance valid in Brazil
  • Consular Fees

How long does the process take?

It will depend on the Brazilian Consulate overseas. However, usually it may take up to 5 to 15 working days.



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