Netflix and… SKILLS!

It started with

Cheer. a docu-series about competitive college cheerleading in the USA. The cheerleaders are so talented, but as the UK doesn’t have a cheerleading endorsing body, cheerleaders cannot actually be sponsored to relocate to the UK as sportspeople. Cheerleaders would, however, be able to visit the UK in order to give performances, take part in competitions or auditions, make personal appearances and take part in promotional activities. They could also perform at specified cultural events or festivals. Remember though that being paid from a UK source — other than just expenses — is not possible unless the individual concerned is a professional.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I then turned to

Tinder Swindler which involves a man who scams thousands of pounds off women, and who was in several relationships at the same time.

I was very excited with the next one

Snowpiercer Season 3. In a nutshell, Snowpiercer is set after the world has become frozen. Snowpiercer is a gigantic train which constantly circles the world in order to save those onboard from the freezing cold weather.


OK, I know this isn’t Netflix, but I also got hooked on Wordle and it kept me busy for up to 30 minutes each day! For those who don’t know, Wordle was invented by a software engineer who built the game so he and his partner had something to do. It was later acquired by The New York Times.

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