Obtaining Georgian Citizenship in 2022

Benefits of Georgian citizenship

A wide range of appealing rights related to Georgian citizenship is charming foreigners to relocating. The right to purchase a rural land in Georgia as well as the right to a 90 day visa free travel to EU countries are distinctive to the citizenship.

Ways to get Georgian Citizenship

The basic principles and norms regarding Georgian citizenship are established by the Constitution of Georgia and the Organic Law on citizenship of Georgia.

Georgian citizenship by birth:

Obtaining Georgian citizenship by birth is a relatively easy process. This path is not related to expression of a person’s will, so, the mere existence of the circumstances established by law is sufficient for obtaining the citizenship automatically.

Acquisition of Georgian citizenship by naturalization:

It is possible to obtain citizenship of Georgia by naturalization.

  • Granting citizenship under regular procedure;
  • Granting citizenship under simplified procedure (by way of marriage);
  • Granting citizenship by way of exception;
  • Granting citizenship by way of its restoration:
  • Granting citizenship under special procedure.

Granting citizenship under regular procedure

Requirements for obtaining Georgian citizenship under regular procedure are quite strict and broad.

  1. A copy of the birth certificate (if the person wishing to be granted citizenship was born abroad and has the document), and, in case of granting Georgian citizenship to a minor, a copy of the person’s birth certificate and the written consent of his / her legal representative;
  2. An application filled in according to the established form;
  3. Photograph — size 3X4;
  4. Document confirming the payment of the service fee.
  • Document certifying continuous residence on the territory of Georgia for the last 10 years;
  • A document certifying the place of employment and / or real estate in Georgia, or entrepreneurial activity on the territory of Georgia, and / or shares or stocks in a Georgian enterprise.

Granting citizenship under simplified procedure (by way of marriage):

Getting citizenship through marriage is a relatively easy procedure, the main requirement being that an applicant has to be married to a Georgian citizen and should have lived continuously on the territory of Georgia for at least the last 5 years.

  1. A document showing the fact of marriage with a Georgian citizen (a Marriage Certificate or a decision of a court, certifying the fact of a marriage);
  2. A document showing Georgian citizenship of the spouse;
  3. A document certifying continuous residence of the applicant on the territory of Georgia for the last 5 years (a visa, a residence permit or a residence certificate, or a stamp in a passport, showing the date of crossing of the state border of Georgia);
  4. A document showing the current citizenship of the applicant (an ID card, passport, or a statement from a competent authority of the country of citizenship of the applicant, regarding the citizenship information).

Granting citizenship by way of exception:

Granting citizenship of Georgia by way of exception is the subject of the most interest among foreigners.

  1. A passport or an ID card or other document identifying the applicant;
  2. Letters of recommendations from at least 2 (two) recommenders (from a private person or a legal entity);
  3. Documents showing the existence of the pre-conditions for CBE.

Granting citizenship by way of its restoration:

Georgian citizenship shall be restored to a person whose Georgian citizenship has been repealed by either of the following circumstances:

Granting citizenship under special procedure:

Georgian citizenship can be granted under special procedure, to a person born on the territory of Georgia, whose Georgian citizenship is not defined.

About knowledge of history, basic law, and the language

The Citizenship Commission assesses the compliance of the level of knowledge of the state language of Georgia, the history of Georgia, and the basics of law with the established limits.

About the ability to maintain Georgian citizenship while getting citizenship of another country

In case of acquiring the citizenship of another country, a citizen of Georgia can retain the citizenship of Georgia by having consent from the state of Georgia to retain the citizenship before acquiring the citizenship of that country.

Grounds for losing Georgian citizenship

As mentioned above, deprivation of citizenship of Georgia is inadmissible, guaranteed by the constitution. However, the legislation of Georgia allows directly defined cases when a specific action of a person becomes a precondition for loss of citizenship. There are only 3 cases of such preconditions.


It is not an easy process to obtain Georgian citizenship. However, in the presence of preconditions defined by law, the Georgian state makes gaining the citizenship accessible for all.

Learn more about Georgia and find out if it is the right country for you

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