Temporary Protection Directive for Ukrainians


Who is eligible to avail of Temporary Protection in Ireland?

How long will Temporary Protection be granted

Entitlements of persons granted Temporary Protection

  • Seek employment or self-employment and vocational training.
  • Suitable accommodation, or assistance to obtain housing.
  • Receive social welfare income supports.
  • Access medical care from the State.
  • Access school public or post-primary education provided by the State for children under age 18.
  • Access other assistance as appropriate to their special needs. For example, those who are especially vulnerable such as unaccompanied minors.
  • Travel without restriction within the State.

Can persons apply for International Protection and Temporary Protection at the same time

Who is excluded from the Temporary Protection Directive

  • Where there are serious reasons for considering that the person:
  • has committed a crime against peace, a war crime or a crime against humanity, as defined in the international instruments drawn up to make provision in respect of such crimes, or
  • has been found been guilty of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations,
  • There are reasonable grounds for regarding the person as a danger to the security of the State,
  • The Minister is of the opinion that the person constitutes a danger to the community of the State because they were convicted by a final judgment of a particularly serious crime, whether in the State or elsewhere, or
  • There are serious reasons for considering that the person has committed a serious non-political crime outside the State prior to their entry into the State.

Who needs a visa to enter Ireland

  • Ukrainian Citizens
  • Ukrainian citizens are currently entitled to travel to Ireland without a visa.

Non-EEA nationals fleeing Ukraine (including Non-Ukrainian Family Members)

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