U.S. States Offer Incentives to Attract Remote Talent

West Virginia

While the wild and wonderful state is full of natural beauties at a low cost of living, it unfortunately ranks as one of the poorest in the nation. The mountain state’s vastly rural landscape and lack of infrastructure appears less than ideal for business aside from the fading coal industry. However, it may offer exactly what remote workers seek — an abundance of nature, hospitality and low taxes. Ascend WV is backed by WV native, Brad D. Smith, Silicon Valley CEO of Intuit. He traces his success back to his West Virginia upbringing and now wants to give back to his roots and contribute something substantial.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Remote program grants $10,000 to full-time remote employees or self employed individuals outside of Oklahoma who can relocate to Tulsa within the next 12 months. (Reminder: Applicants must be eligible to work in the U.S. for all programs mentioned in this article.)

Northwest Arkansas

Hosting the Life Works Here Initiative, the region seeks to drive both talent and vibrant community members to its spacious lands. Candidates must be at least 24 and have two years of work experience to qualify for the initiative; as well as, hold full time remote work or self employment outside of the state and be able to relocate to the area within six months of acceptance. Experience in the STEM fields and entrepreneurs are most desired, however the initiative welcomes all types of new talent.

Tucson, Arizona

Remote Tucson is aiming to build a community base for remote workers who bank more than 65k a year. Tucson’s population is transient and the economy is growing slowly. This program is a strategy to increase growth through a new community of remote workers to bring Tucson up to par with other Arizona cities.

Desert hike in the outskirts of Tucson

Alabama Shoals

Remote Shoals invites remote workers to join the Shoals community. The shoals consists of Alabama cities of Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia spanning the counties of Colbert and Lauderdale. Remote employees must make at least $52,000 yearly in their full-time remote position or through self-employment outside of the program’s areas. Candidates must move to the Shoals within 6 months of being selected.

Topeka, Kansas

Choose Topeka differs in the sense that they pair with Shawnee County employers to participate in the relocation program along with individuals who work remotely for employers outside of the county. The program accepts 60 candidates a year.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) offers a Creative Technologies incentive designed to help grow and attract creative tech jobs into Chatham County. The incentive is available to tech talent who are self-employed, remote workers of technology firms located elsewhere or relocating to take a position with a tech company in Chatham County. Applicants must have three years of verifiable work experience.

The Result

In the daily hustle of the typical 9–5 Americans are packed into overpriced cities and their surrounding suburbs, suffering from long daily commutes and poor work-life balance with little option to move elsewhere because that is where the best jobs are (were). The switch to full-time remote opened doors for many people to consider relocation to nature packed locations offering lower living costs, larger housing and growing communities.

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