Under 36? Here’s how Italy can help you buy your first home in 2022

What help can I claim?

  • No registration tax — usually 2% of the cadastral value;
  • No mortgage and land registry tax — instead of €50 each;
  • If the seller is a private individual, registration, mortgage and cadastral taxes are zero;
  • If the seller charges VAT, as is the case for building companies, the sale is subject to stamp duty and mortgage taxes, amounting to a total of €320. This is also cancelled out as the buyer receives a tax credit equal to this amount;
  • The 4% VAT of the selling price if you buy from a builder becomes zero as you accrue a tax credit instead;
  • Exemption from the 0.25% loan tax on financing for the purchase, construction or renovation of the first home.

Italian property purchase taxes

Who can claim?

Purchasing: Do I need an Italian Bank account?

  • You have an ‘ISEE’ (a socio-economic indicator of household wealth) of less than €40,000 per year;
  • Your mortgage doesn’t exceed €250,000;
  • The house purchased will be used as a main residence and not be listed as a luxury home;
  • It is not necessary to have a permanent work contract (tempo indeterminato), as the state funds are also available to self-employed and temporary workers, provided they meet the above requirements.

Claiming tax credits

Does the scheme really work?

How can I claim the bonus?

  • Do I have to already be a registered resident in Italy to claim?
  • How can I find out my ‘ISEE’?
  • Can I claim the bonus if I inherit property in Italy?
  • Is there any help with notary fees under the bonus?
  • Can I apply jointly with another person?
  • I want to apply with my partner who is already over 36. How will that affect what we can claim?
  • I want to buy an Italian house at auction. Can I use the bonus for this?
  • Do I have to pay the purchase fees upfront and claim them back later?
  • How long does it take for reimbursements through tax credit to be paid?
  • Are there any rules on how long I need to keep the property before selling it if I use the bonus to purchase it?

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